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   ( water damage, cracks , repairs , restorations )

 " We Plaster at iPlaster "

        iPlaster   "Over 30 years experience throughout N.Y.C."



    iPlaster is a well established organization that boasts 30 years of plaster experience throughout the Tri-State area. iPlaster services all types of plaster work such as Traditional Three Coat Plaster , Veneer Plaster over Blueboard,  Skim Coat,  Plaster Crown Moldings, Venetian, Stucco (interior / exterior) Acoustical Plaster and Unique (one of a kind) Finishes.
iPlaster is highly recommended for all plaster restoration projects as well as emergency services relating to water damage, cracks, patches or repairs.  No job is too big or too small for iPlaster.
As professionals engaged in the business of providing superior and unsurpassed plaster work, Corrado Balzano and James Fatato ventured together to form iPlaster.  James Fatato, former owner of Virginia Waters Assoc., has serviced the plaster industry throughout NYC with high end projects and precision.   James' main concern was meeting project demands and worked closely on site with his team to ensure successful execution and completion of each task. This mindset, along with his innovative ideas ,  has enabled James Fatato to keep up with the latest developments and trends in today's plaster world.
Corrado Balzano, whose 30+ years of New York City experience in the plaster industry, thanks and contributes his success to his Father and Mentor Tony Balzano.  Tony, a native of Abruzzo , Italy , began plastering in 1953 and taught his techniques and skills of this trade to his ambitious son Corrado, whose desire was to pursue his dream of plastering.  Working side by side for Boro Plastering with his Father for many years, they both strived to become number one applicators in the industry, and by all means they were.
Today, Corrado is greatly respected and highly regarded in the plastering industry. He has earned a strong and solid reputation for his commitment to his clients and his great eye for detail.   As an owner/operator of iPlaster, a company known for being one of the most prestigious in the industry, Corrado looks to future projects with the same objectives and integrity he has always maintained, while continuing to exceed his client's expectations.
Please take a moment to explore our galleries above to view a variety of our plaster work.   We look forward hearing from you to discuss your future projects and/or to provide you estimates.  


“We Plaster at iPlaster”








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